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Meet Our Team

Jill M. Moore, RMT

{PJ} RMT, Jill M. MooreSome people know from the onset which career path they will choose. For others, it may take a while to figure it out. I knew I wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure in which capacity. My decision to become a Massage Therapist was greatly influenced by my brother, a Chiropractor and my sister-in-law, an RMT. Their enthusiasm for their chosen professions was contagious. In 1996, I began my journey towards becoming an RMT. At Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic I met wonderful instructors who shared their knowledge and expertise. I hope I am able to continue to help improve the lives of others for many more years to come. I have enjoyed meeting people from different walks of life and hearing about their struggles and triumphs. Massage Therapy has been a rewarding career choice for me. Aside from my job, I enjoy spending time with my husband and twin daughters at my family’s cottage in the Haliburton Highlands. I also enjoy running, downhill skiing and reading. To book an appointment with Jill, book online at or call Peak Health and Wellness at (905) 425-2448. Taking your health to new heights!

Robyn Huggett, RMT

Robyn Huggett, RMTRobyn has been providing registered massage therapy for over 10 years in the Durham area. Living a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of everything she does, both professionally and personally. Growing up playing sports and camping with her family, she recognized the value of being active and embracing nature. That later guided her to massage therapy. Robyn loves what she does which translates to the care she provides. She carefully caters each massage to the individual and the overall goals of the treatment. Getting to the root of the problem and treating the cause rather than the symptoms is what she strives to do with her patients. Over the years she has learned how to balance therapeutic treatment techniques with relaxation, allowing for the important work to be done while still enjoying the soothing effects of massage therapy. Robyn’s experience and knowledge will provide you with the comfort and care your body needs. Robyn has an advanced diploma in massage therapy from Centennial College and is also trained in kinesiology taping. Being a very active person allows Robyn to provide consistent, quality care. Encouraging patients to take responsibility for their health and provide them with the appropriate tools to do so is an important aspect to her practice. When she’s not at the clinic you can find her working out, hiking with her dog, reading military books and embracing the elements with extreme sports or just sitting in the woods enjoying the peace and quiet. Life is all about balance. To book an appointment with Robyn, book online at or call Peak Health and Wellness at (905) 425-2448. Taking your health to new heights!

Nicolette Stanley Farrar, RMT

Nicolette Stanley Farrar, RMTBorn in Prince Edward Island, Nicolette was raised with her siblings on a small country farm by her artisan parents. After high school, her journey first took her through UNB where she received a B.Sc. in Geochemistry and then on to Ottawa U to get her M.Sc. in Environmental Geosciences. Nicolette spent over 10 years working as an Environmental Specialist. She then decided to shift careers to focus on her family, her well being, and to achieve a happy and a sustainable work/life balance. In 2018 she graduated Honours with Distinction and top of her class from the Alberta Collage of Massage Therapy. During her 2 years of college she also studied and and completed an additional specialization in maternal massage (pre- and post-natal therapy). Her massage treatments use the fundamentals of Swedish massage and therapeutic massage therapies to help relax and to treat the daily aches and pains of her clients. She also enjoys helping her clients find relief from daily chronic pain by being actively involved in their complex care. In 2020, Nicolette received certificates in several courses on hot and cold stone therapy and salt stone therapy. Her current specialty is adding in hot stones to her therapeutic treatments. The increased benefits of the heat will help to relax and ease tense muscles and repair damaged soft tissues throughout the body. Aside from her job, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children on the beaches of PEI. She also enjoys golfing, downhill skiing, and travelling. To book an appointment with Nicolette, book online at or call Peak Health and Wellness at (905) 425-2448.

Michaela Grove, RMT

Michaela was born and raised on a farm in Scugog, Ontario. She is a Registered Massage Therapist, certified yoga teacher, and trains as a boxer four-six times a week. She loves mindfulness-based stress reduction activities, such as meditation and breathing exercises, and really enjoys being active.

Michaela graduated from Durham College with an Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy. She has worked in multiple clinical settings, using Swedish massage techniques and has practiced advanced techniques as well. Outside of massage therapy, she has worked with special needs adults for over 12 years. Having this experience has allowed her to become a very adaptable person, and regularly apply that to her treatment. She always focuses on what the patient is asking of her, even if that changes in the moment. She will always do her best to support all aspects of wellness, to allow her patients to receive a well-rounded, personalized treatment.

To book an appointment with Michaela, book online at or call Peak Health and Wellness at (905) 425-2448.

Shauna, RMT

ShaunaShauna’s has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist for over 20 years, graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2000 with Honours, Her decision to pursue a career in Massage Therapy came when doing a university presentation on the “Significance of Massage Therapy in the Healthcare Field”. She knew it would be a very rewarding career for her and she hasn’t looked back! Shauna has worked in many different settings where she has seen a diverse clientele with many different ailments, injuries and treatment needs. These experiences have given Shauna the ability and knowledge to work with various patients to address their individual treatment goals. All of her patients can expect treatments that are tailored to their individual needs; whether it be deep tissue, relaxation or combination of both. Since graduating, Shauna has taken continuing education courses to further develop her knowledge in Hot Stone, Scapular and Rotator Cuff Release and Pregnancy Massage. In her free time, Shauna loves spending time and traveling with her husband and two daughters. She also enjoys hiking, playing hockey and her wine club dinners with friends.

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